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SPREDGAR SOFTWARE has three software Excel add-in products. They are stock value investment software that provide fundamental analysis.
Fundamental data for ValuStox Pro and ValuStox Investor are current as of 06 July 2014. Stock quotes are streamed from public services.

  1. ValuStox Pro is a Microsoft Excel add-in based on fundamental analysis presented in a clear format. ValuStox Pro analyzes company fundamentals, producing 75+ financial ratios, cash flow, standard graphs and SIC comparable data.

  2. ValuStox Investor provides fundamental analysis data and portfolio management. ValuStox Investor helps you find undervalued stocks.

  3. ValuStox Snapshot provides stock investment fundamental analysis for $25 per company! It includes the Altman Z-Score originally designed for manufacturing companies to indicate bankruptcy probability. A ValuStox Snapshot includes fundamental analysis from eight quarterly 10-Qs and seven annual 10-Ks, cash flow analysis, and key ratios compared to industry benchmarks. A ValuStox Snapshot is generated by ValuStox Pro software, but with the ValuStox Snapshot there is no software to learn, and you don't even need Microsoft Excel installed (you can use the free viewer if you don't have Excel). Snapshot Samples of Google and Apple.


ValuStox Pro subscription $99 six months includes free ValuStox Investor subscription
$159 a year includes free
ValuStox Investor

ValuStox Snapshot order 

$25 per company, which includes fundamental analysis  from eight quarterly 10-Qs and seven annual 10-Ks, key ratios compared to industry benchmarks, cash flow analysis, and the Altman Z-Score.

SPREDGAR SOFTWARE's mission is to provide fundamental investment data for the private investor, the professional analyst, and the academic.

SPREDGAR SOFTWARE was founded in 1997 by Gordon Gerwig. Gordon has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley and an M.B.A. in Finance from the University of California at Davis, as well as an MS in Financial Analysis from the University of San Francisco. Gordon Gerwig and Spredgar Software have been written up in Online Investing for Dummies, Online Investing Hacks, and in the Innovator, the U.C. Davis Graduate School of Management's alumni magazine. 
is an individual investor and a member of the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII). He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and a Licensed International Financial Analyst (LIFA). He has worked in financial services at  Morgan Stanley and American Express. He has done business
lending, valuation and consulting.




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