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A ValuStox Snapshot does fundamental analysis of company financials, producing 75+ financial ratios, cash flow, standard graphs and SIC comparable data. A ValuStox Snapshot includes fundamental analysis from eight quarterly 10-Qs and seven annual 10-Ks, cash flow analysis, and key ratios compared to industry benchmarks. It includes the Altman Z-Score originally designed for manufacturing companies to indicate bankruptcy probability.

 A ValuStox Snapshot available on over 7,000 companies, contains standard graphs, Bar chart (4263 bytes) 75+ financial ratios in areas of profitability, leverage, and liquidity for 10K and 10Q data, and plots ratios over time.  A ValuStox Snapshot generates free cash flow using the indirect method by comparing successive balance sheets to see where the money is really going. On the "tabulated" ratio sheet, the days comprising a firm's cash generation cycle are listed, including receivable days, inventory days, and payable days.

A ValuStox Snapshot adds the power of Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) comparative data and ratios, tabular comparison of ratios, and is available for more than 7,000 companies. Averages for a company's SIC code are generated. For example, the category "prepackaged software" (SIC 7372) includes 370 companies. So if you're interested in a particular company, you can also see a line-item average for all companies in the category. SIC averages make it easy to tell which companies are outperforming their peers, and in which areas. A ValuStox Snapshot creates separate capital structure pie charts for both a company in particular and its SIC code competitors.

With the ValuStox Snapshot there is no software to learn, and you don't even need Microsoft Excel installed (you can use the free viewer if you don't have Excel).


 Sample Snapshots::

Google, Inc.
Apple, Inc.

Fundamental data for ValuStox Snapshots are current as of 31 January 2016.


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